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How Apple's Self Repair Program Is Engineered To Fail

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Apple’s Self-Service Repair Program: Engineered to Fail

It has been one month since Apple pulled the covers off its heralded Self Service Repair Program and as we move further away from the launch, the excitement is fading quickly and something else is settling in. It’s not quite a hangover, but something else confusion? perplexity? disappointment? Maybe a bit of each.

What seems clear enough is that the program doesn’t make sense for anyone, either practically or financially. For one thing, it’s limited to Apple’s newest iPhones, the devices least in need of service and repair. In addition, the cost of repairs using the program often adds up to more than the cost of hiring a professional repair technician to do the work for you.

One of the key goals of any repair advocate is to demystify repair: make it seem less threatening, not more. That’s the work that iRepair Electronics do every day across the world. Yes, iPhones are small and complex. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t repairable. In fact, these days, the “repair curious” have endless resources for learning the ins and outs of repair at their disposal thanks to the Internet and YouTube

The bottom line: Apple’s program is the opposite of “pro repair.” It’s expensive and over engineered: a grudging “unwelcome” mat laid out before the high temple of consumerism and product design. They don’t think you’re up to it, don’t want you to repair their stuff, and will be pleased when you fail. That’s the opposite of what Self Service Repair should be about.

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